Elsaco Motion Simulators

nous sommes distributeur exclusif pour les simulateurs Elsaco dans le pacifique sud.

ELSACO company aims at developing and producing world leading compact motion simulators.  
With the cooperation of our own development team and production line we strive to deliver premium motion simulators with unique design, minimum maintenance requirements and long life aspiration. 
High-quality Motion-Sim simulators endure the toughest conditions and thanks to the professional parts enable 24/7 use. 
All our products are suitable for both commerce and home use. Please see our booklet at http://motion-sim.cz/new/pdf/Brochure%204DOF%20Extreme%204×4%20final.pdf

We have been delivering motion simulators all over the world. We have successfully sold 140 simulators to more than 35 countries.  

All technical information, accessible equipment and supported games can be found at our website www.motion-sim.cz

Motion-Sim works on PC platform. All deliveries starting on January 2017 include built-in PC ready for VR glasses.   

The games need to be installed by our technician or remotely by team viewer connectionYou can connect up to 8 sim together

Elsaco guarantees a 1-year warranty on all Motion-Sim products. 

Customer care is very important for us and therefore in case of any SW or HW difficulties a life-long remote supervision is provided.